About Us

Managing Director David Shawcross

Since 2008 Sitevisuals has been an innovative service provider offering professional time-lapse, aerial and commercial photography. We are specialists in remote construction site monitoring and provide our own video production services.

We do this across a range of industries including:
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Land and estate developments
  • Civil works
  • Mining
  • Shop/office fit-outs
Our services are not only used locally, in our home of Perth, Western Australia, but also nationally.

Our Story

Sitevisuals was born out of a desire to support marketing and construction personnel make the most of the developmental stages of their projects by providing the most up to date site imagery in high quality and facilitate project management, scheduling, and progress monitoring.
Developing a solution from the ground up, we combined our backgrounds in professional television and video production with our experience in product development encompassing electrical, mechanical and software engineering. 

We've captured the expansion of the International Terminal at Perth Airport, the redevelopment of the Perth Museum, the construction of Raine Square and numerous residential developments with some of WA's biggest builders. 

Our pilots hold RPA pilot licenses with CASA, and together are able to meet the diverse and varying needs of Sitevisuals ever-expanding client base.

As a small company doing big things, it's easy to talk to the right people, when you need.


If you have a project that would benefit from our services please contact us

For more information take a look at how our system works, how it may benefit your business and what our clients are saying about us.

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